For the love of jazz

For The Love of Jazz is a perfect collaboration between an adroit DJ and a gifted vocalist to create an unparalleled experience for the audience. The project commands impeccable taste musically, as well as visually. It takes the spectator to the magical world of the Great Gatsby and the Prohibition Era, throughout the show leading him to the latest interpretation of the genre by artfully translating jazz atmosphere into an electronic setting.


DJ Ka3na is famous for knowing her vinyls backwards and forwards. A graduate of ’Scratch DJ Academy’ created by legendary Jam Master Jay, her contagious energy and great personality has created a demand for her skills in California and internationally.  She has an extensive vintage collection, as well as the newest tracks on the market. 

Christina Sofina is a skillful and agile vocalist with a soulful tone and the desire to bring the emotion and a smile to her viewer. A passionate, expressive performer, her arsenal includes effortless freestyles and a micro saxophone glued to her left hand (true story!)  

Both of these artists strive for excellence, mastery of their craft and enjoyment of the audience.